Inner tube is a circular elastic tube with a tire valve nozzle used to maintain internal pressure in a tire. The valve mouth is used to inflate and maintain air pressure in the inner tube.

Inner tube is bearing gas container for air damping, which is auxiliary bearing pressure container used in automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, rickshaw tire inner cavity .

Inner tube should have good air tightness, heat resistance, elasticity, aging resistance and small permanent deformation, which is usually made of Butyl rubber.

Butyl rubber has a series of advantages because of its high saturation of the molecular chain. The butyl rubber not only has low permeability rate and good air tightness, but also has good heat aging resistance, ozone resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and absorb the vibration. The butyl rubber is the best raw material for manufacturing in the inner tube .

The specifications of butyle rubber inner tube and the specifications of natural rubber inner tube are the same.

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The methods to recognize the butyl rubber inner tube

The inner tube body has color line with width no less than 2mm.

  • Butyl rubber inner tube, there should be blue line on its circumference.

  • Butyl rubber and halogenated butyl rubber inner tube , there should be green line on its circumference.            

  • Butyl rubber and EPDM rubber inner tube, there should be red line on its circumference.

If the customers need to be equipped with cycle valve other than those specified in the list , it can be negotiated .

Usage methods

First we should confirm whether the specifications of inner tube and outer tube are the same, then check whether the valve core, nut ,dust cap and other accessories are complete.

Before installing the inner tube, please carefully check the outer tube cavity whether there are sand and other sundries, whether there are cracks or other adverse factors, if there are , should be eliminated first .

When installing the inner tube, pay attention not to twist the inner tube.

Check steel rim carefully, which should have no deformation, bending,bur and other adverse factors.

When fitting steel rim with the assembled inner&outer tube, please use special tools (don’t use sharp instruments, such as screwdrivers which might damage the inner or outer tube bead toe ).

Please confirm the cycle valve being locked on the steel rim properly and being out of the steel rim to inflating conveniently .

At the same time, pay attention not to sandwich inner tube between outer tube and steel rim .

After fitting the the assembled tyre with steel rim,the tyre should be inflated slowly to put a little pressure on the tyre.And then stop inflating, check whether there is sandwiching tyre problem. After confirming normal, please continue to inflate until reaching the standard pressure(refer to outer tube profile ). Finally lock the valve core and dust cap .

storage methods

The inner tube should avoid to be mixed packing & storage with oil, other organic solvents, flammable materials, chemical and corrosive substances, which will lead to inner tube aging.

The inner tube should avoid to be piled up in open-air, direct sunlight and rain, as well as where ozone often being produced (such as sterilization lamps, electric welding machine and other devices that producing sparks.

The inner tube storage should avoid the deforming state being created.


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