How to improve the service life of curing bladder ?

How to improve the service life of curing bladder ?

Update Time:2019-07-22
How to improve the service life of curing bladder:

Tire curing bladder is used for tire vulcanization, whose life has been concerned by the tire manufacturers , not only with the tire quality and tire production costs but also the tire production efficiency are closely related.

From the beginnig of the curing bladder replacement, to the replacement of the first stove production, its consumption of time at least 30 minutes.

In this paper, the usage management of curing bladder ( storage conditions, operation sepcifications, pre-treatment before use, deoxygenation of vulcanized media ), as well as the selection of curing bladder specifications, curing bladder surface patterns and other measures are taken to describe how to improve the service life of curing bladder.

1. Choose the curing bladder with injection processing technology

2. Choose the right size of curing bladder

3. Curing bladder surface pattern selection

4. Strengthen curing bladder use management

5. Standardize curing bladder replacement operation
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