Why it is better to choose the curing bladder with injection processing technology ?

Why it is better to choose the curing bladder with injection processing technology ?

Update Time:2019-07-28
Curing Bladder Production Processing Technology :

Currently, there are two processing technologies for curing bladder production, one is molded type curing bladder and the other is injection type curing bladder.

1. Characteristics of molded type and injection type curing bladder :
Production Processing Technology
Molded Type Curing Bladder
The semi-finished curing bladder are placed in the seam between the upper and lower molds.,when the mold is installed, the upper core mold rises and the lower core mold drops.                          The upper and lower core molds run rubber material seriously, so the quality of semi-finished curing bladder cannot be controlled, which is easy to cause the phenomenon of non-compactness and uneven thickness of rubber materials.
Injection Type Curing Bladder
Through a serious of automatic control steps of the machine , the injection type curing bladder has advantage of compactness and even thickness of rubber materials.
2. The advantages of injection type curing bladder:

The heat transfer of injection-type curing bladder is faster than that of molede type curing bladder, which can shorten the curing time of tire production, so as to improve production capacity and reduce energy consumption.

At the same time, the injection type curing bladder has better aging resistance and long service life.
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