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Industry-leading technological advancement: Inflatable tires

Industry-leading technological advancement: Inflatable tires

Jul 26,2019
On June 6 this year, Michelin tires listed PS4 SUV tires in China, and held a grand experience event in Shanghai. Everyone has heard the name of PS4 more or less, and a few friends around me want to change their cars to double "running shoes". PS4 is ranked in the forefront of the list, and the net red products are so. With the launch of this sporty SUV tire, a group of friends who are dissatisfied with their SUV grip can buy and buy.

It is not unusual to make sports tires for SUVs that are not good at sports, especially compared to the following. With the hot new listing, Michelin announced that it is developing a pneumatic tire.

As the name suggests, this tire does not need to be pumped, the tread is supported by composite rubber, and the resin embedded composite fiber is added to ensure its rigidity. The advantage is that it does not puncture, but also avoids the danger of sharp objects.

From the perspective of a layman, it is inevitable to ask many questions about this tire, for example: how to do the gap between the sidewall and the sand? Can this tire guarantee the comfort, durability and braking performance of existing tires? However, this is a question that engineers need to consider. As consumers and car users, individuals are very happy to see such new tires come out. Throughout the history of tire development, the impact of each innovation is profound, and it has also achieved the outstanding performance of today's cars.

Before the 19th century, there was actually no such thing as a tire. The wheels of the vehicle were all wood or iron. When Columbus explored the New World for the second time, he saw a local black child playing a black lumps on an island. That was his first contact with rubber. Then he brought the rubber back to the motherland, and people found that the benefits of this stuff outside the wheel were so great that they had the prototype of the tire.

History is no longer talked about, and the above-mentioned airless tires may have a milestone. In fact, as early as 2004, Michelin had a similar product (sorry Michelin, which is really not an advertisement) and was used on some special vehicles a few years ago.

Oh, yes, in fact, don’t think about the high-tech of the pneumatic tires. This stuff is used every day, I don’t believe you.

In addition, people not only look at the tires, but even the idea of ​​the wheel. When a thinner tire runs over a pothole, if its own shape variable cannot offset the impact, the force will directly act on the hub. When the impact is too large, the hub will be damaged. In order to solve this problem, people have simply developed a deformable wheel hub, the outermost ring of which supports a certain deformation, to soften the steel, to avoid hard hit.

This is not over yet, the following is probably the ultimate form of deformable wheels...

Seamlessly switch between wheeled and tracked!

Therefore, this thing can only be imagined, and it can't be done. Since the combination of the first piece of rubber and the wheel, the development of the tire has gone from solid to inflated to gas-deficient (commonly known as explosion-proof tire), the internal structure from canvas to oblique to meridian, the tread pattern is more Diversification is inseparable from the pursuit of the performance of the only part of the vehicle that is in contact with the ground.

 Industry-leading technological advancement: Do not use inflatable tires, think about it?